Dare to Dream




Dare to Begin
"Change Your Life Now"


Special digital appearance by Mel Robbins, creator of the 5-Second Rule, leading author, noted speaker.

Learn the 5-Second Rule and how you can use it as a tool to become more confident, increase productivity, develop a powerful mindset, make more money, feel greater control, conquer anxiety, discover your greatness and pursue your dream (and more)!

Dare to Be Seen
"The 3 Dimensions of Significance"


Cyndi DeSoto, owner, leader, author, and creator of the Significance Movement and Live Like You Matter. Learn More »

Learn to find the courage to be yourself, the power of influence, and to find passion in everything you do, every day.

Van Council
Van Council
Brandon Darragh
Brandon Darragh

Dare to Be Exceptional
"Beyond the Purple Cow: Being Noticed and Standing Out"

Van Council

Van Council, global industry icon and owner of one of the most successful salon groups in the world. Learn More »

Brandon Darragh

Brandon Darragh, platform artist, quarter-million-dollar hairdresser, educator, mentor and dad. Learn More »

Learn the simple differences between good and great service delivery, how to create real and lasting value in the work you do behind the chair every day, and how to generate a six-figure income by focusing on the simple, easy to implement steps that most hairdressers miss.

Dare to Be Happy
"Five Success Strategies for Work and Life"

Ray Civello, industry leader, hairdresser, NAHA nominee, author, and servant inspiring and influencing others using mindful strategies to nurture your dream. Learn More »

Learn how to tap into the artist within you, recognize and avoid “dream-killers,” surround yourself with those who challenge and inspire you, combat fear with love and live in service.

Dare to Master
"Ordinary to Extraordinary"

Ian Michael Black, Aveda artistic director, global artist, educator, style influencer and hair color guru. Learn More »

Janell Geason, Aveda global artistic director, global artist, 2008 and 2009 NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year, educator and celebrity makeup artist. Learn More »

Ricardo Dinis, Aveda artistic director, global artist, educator, technical leader and innovator on developing mastery. Learn More »

Learn how to become a master—one section, one guest—at a time. Learn to walk the path and stay committed—even when there is a pebble in your shoe.

Dare to Change
"How Using the 5-Second Rule Changed My Life"

Donna Robinson, hairdresser, life-learner and featured in Mel Robbins’ book, The 5-Second Rule. Learn More »

5-4-3-2-1-GO! Learn how an everyday shero has used the 5-Second Rule to move confidently in the direction of her dreams. From her experience at Dare to Dream 2016 and finding the courage to write an email, Donna landed on page 41 of Mel Robbins’ book and has manifested a whole new chapter in her life.

Heggy Gonzalez
Heggy Gonzalez
Robert Grimes
Robert Grimes
Aisling Campbell
Aisling Campbell

Dare to Win
"NAHA Winners - Why They Entered and How They Won"

Heggy Gonzalez

Heggy Gonzalez: 2017 NAHA Editorial Artist of the Year. Learn More »

Since 1999, Heggy has entered and had a dream to win NAHA. This year she won. Learn from Heggy’s story of commitment, persistence and using ‘no’ to push and inspire you to pursue your passion.

Robert Grimes

Robert Grimes: Multi NAHA Award Winner including 2015 NAHA Hair Stylist of the Year. Learn More »

Learn about Robert's creative process and how he moves through the cycle of inspiration, frustration and de-motivation that becomes the fuel for determination and ultimate achievement. Learn how this true creative genius has taken his gifts of inspiration, creativity and courage beyond the salon to the emerging youth culture in Cuba.

Aisling Campbell

Aisling Campbell: 2017 NAHA Student Hairstylist of the Year.
Learn More »

Aisling rounds out our panel of NAHA artists to create an open discussion about what it takes to move in the direction of your creative dreams.

Dare to Share
"Using Instagram to Share your Artistry"

Tatum Neill, hairdresser, DJ and founder, of Elevate, a creative forum for hairdressers that is changing the face of the industry. Learn More »

Learn how to create an extraordinary Instagram presence including how to choose the right models, how to make time for it, and how to get a great photo.

Dare to Succeed
"Creating an Experience that Money Can't Buy"

Brittany Adamson Hall, owner, coach and mentor. Learn More »

Learn how ‘living in your element’ is your ultimate success strategy. Nature is the best teacher and Brittany shares the simple and powerful lessons found in nature as the blueprint for personal and professional success.

Dare to Care
"What's Next for Aveda"

Barbara De Laere, Aveda Global General Manager Learn More »

Sue Trondson, Vice President Salon Sales, Aveda. Learn More »

Authenticity is the foundation of the Aveda brand, yet most of Aveda’s most powerful stories go untold. Hear three powerful Aveda stories about caring for the world, caring for the guest, and caring for the artist within, and learn how to make them part of your personal story.

Barbara De Laere

Sue Trondson

Dare to be Mindful
"Find Your Inner Peace"

Michael Cragnolin, Aveda Brand Ambassador, Education & Sales Partner for The Salon People, daymaker and mentor. Learn More »

Learn how to be present in the moment to be your best.

Dare to Live It
"What It Means to Live Your Dream"

Tom Petrillo, leader, innovator, entrepreneur, CEO and president of The Salon People. Learn More »

Learn 5 key principles for what it takes to live your dream.

Dare to Listen

Real salon guests, real questions and honest answers. What do our guests want more of, and what do they wish we would stop doing now? Let’s hear what our panel of salon guests has to say–then use the 5-second rule to make our guest’s salon service dreams a reality.


Sunday Night After Party

Best New Aveda Artist Party hosted by the Aveda Global Artistic team: Janell Geason, Ricardo Dinis and Ian Michael Black

A Performance by Pyure Artistic Team


Special appearances by:

  • Shane Hawley, Beat Poet
  • Jennifer Leavey, Chair Yoga

The Dare to Dream Experience is Hosted by:

Christopher Hermann: Educator, mentor and life coach makes his second appearance as your Dare to Dream Master of Ceremonies.

Virginia Meyer: Owner, educator, leader and ‘living your dream advocate’ joins Christopher as your host and learning guide for your personal Dare to Dream Experience.



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